Friday, October 13, 2006


Hooh, boy. The first run of this little monster did not turn out as intended. The Brain Slug, of Futurama fame was supposed to look like this little guy here on the left.

However what I ended up with, after knitting the thing on US #5 needles, more closely resembled a Vlassic Willy Warmer than anything from outer space.

I chose the smaller gauge due to my stash-busting choice of lurid green sportweight yarn. The stitches cannot look too open, otherwise the stuffing will be visible through them. On reflection I think the wiser choice would be to up the gauge, and use two strands of yarn. The sample looks like it was knitted in a worsted weight. I never thought I'd ever hear myself say this, but I wish I had some yarn in "radioactive green" right now. Not that the yarn color has anything to do with the shaping of the monster in question; I just think it would show up on video better.

Ah well, back to work...


Anonymous said...

ha, if I can get a pic of the world's ugliest sweatervest (made by mom in a rare mood) you'll see some yarn that'll break yer geiger counter!! Hope the thing still fits. Halflife on knitted fabric sucks. :p


Amber said...

"Vlasic Willy Warmer" is my new favorite phrase! Lol!!!

Saw you in the Crafty Gardeners group on Ravelry :)