Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ravelry Inspires Me come out of hiding!
I'd nearly forgotten I had this whacky mental cupboard-under-the-stairs. Ghah, the cobwebs in here...

This week I acquired a Ravelry invite. Sweetness. The organizational genius of the site is not to be believed. I am finding artistic inspiration, as well as a strong desire to organize the pit of chaos that is my collection of knitting & crochet implements! They have this cute little chart, that you can print out and take with you when you shop - so you don't end up buying three of the same hook, or two pairs of the same size and length needles, like I did before I discovered this wonder. I also joined about 14 groups with similar interests... we'll see how active they are or how active I remain in them. "Oddballs" seems the most interesting and lively so far.

Anticraft's Imbolc 2008 issue is up, with even more inspiration. A crochet toy Beholder pattern and the Beholder dice bag are in my knitting queue. I'm liking the mini Cthulhu crochet doll as well, but not sure if it's my favorite version of the Elder God. I want one with really cute wings, you see. Preferably ones that I could embellish with leftover Tingles yarn by Ellyn Cooper.

Recently, I've let mini monster knitting take a back seat to lace knitting. I've been knitting mostly shawls and mitts this winter. You'd think I was gearing up to costume some Andrew Davies' Austen adaptation. I'm hoping to catch up on my backlog of photos though and have examples of past work available for your visual critiques soon!

Meanwhile, if anyone sees a pattern for a knitted, 3-dimensional marshmallow peep, drop me a line. My monsters are wanting some for their Ostara baskets.